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Meet the Founders

We're proud to support these founders who are committed to solving problems for their communities.
An image of Kelly Ramey, founder of Doughy

Aption: startup equity pooling for diversified risk

Aption provides a way to grow private assets, while protecting against over-exposure. Founders can use the value locked in their startup equity to join pools of similarly promising companies. As a serial startup operator Alon Zieve was intimately familiar with the risk founders face in holding most of their wealth entirely in their startups. Venture investor Aaron Rosenson joined him to found Aption and reduce this concentration risk for entrepreneurs who’ve built great businesses that simply haven’t seen a liquidity event yet.

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An image of Kelly Ramey, founder of Doughy

Honeycomb Credit: building vibrant, financially empowered communities

Honeycomb Credit empowers small businesses and fosters vibrant communities. CEO George Cook, a sixth-generation community banker, saw local businesses denied loans by big banks. Co-founder Ken Martin struggled to secure a loan for his juice shop. Thus, Honeycomb was born. Today, Honeycomb comprises small business owners, finance nerds, technologists, and food enthusiasts united by a passion for local businesses that make neighborhoods unique.

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An image of Kelly Ramey, founder of Doughy

Apoth: the data management platform for mental health researchers

Apoth facilitates personalized mental health research with continuous monitoring, HIPAA-compliant data processing, engagement and compliance analytics, real time participant payments, and alerts. Dylan built the MVP for the Harvard Nock Lab, Jorge teamed up with him to turn the solution into a business, and then Greg joined them to turn one lab’s technology into a scalable product.

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An image of Kelly Ramey, founder of Doughy

Doughy: The cleanest, most delicious vegan cookie dough ever

Doughy is the only grain-free and vegan cookie dough on the market. Kelly Ramey didn't want to choose between her favorite dessert and her all-around wellness, and now consumers don't either as Doughy's delicious and nutritious cookie doughs become leading SKUs for national grocery retailers.

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A photo of Jared Cluff and ot

Caliber: Science-based training for transformational results

Caliber is a science-based fitness app that delivers a 20% improvement to body composition within 3 months on average, and helps fitness coaches amplify their efforts. Founder and CEO Jared Cluff led marketing at Blue Apron from Series A to IPO, and now he's scaling Caliber's impact on the fitness industry.

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A photo of Realm Foods founders Lauren Benbasset and Elise Tresley

Realm Foods: Smoothies with a soul, and a soft spot for humanity

Realm Foods is a leading zero waste, plant-based snack brand. Their plug-n-play smoothies give foodservice customers high margins without the hefty inventory management, recipe learning curve, or shameful food waste. Lauren Benbassat and Elise Tresley are on a mission to make healthy as sustainable, easy, and delicious as unhealthy.

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A photo of Tuney founders Antony, Filip, and Maciej

Tuney: Copyright-safe AI music for video creators and brands like Apple

Tuney's revolutionary music AI combines artist-made stems with generative musical elements to edit, remix, multiply and version new and original music. Antony, Filip and Maciej were introduced to us by the founders of Songfinch. There is nothing we prefer more than having a team we already believe in introduce us to great founders.

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A photo of ClearCogs founders Matt Wampler and Osa Osarenkhoe

ClearCOGS: Proactive Solutions for Modern Restaurants

ClearCOGS enables restaurants with the predictions they need to more profitably manage their food inventories. Matt Wampler started ClearCOGS to solve the challenges he faced as a Jimmy John's franchisee, and he partnered with Osa Osarenkhoe to build their predictive platform, after Osa's last startup was acquired.

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A photo of Songfinch founders Rob, Josh, and John

Songfinch: Custom Music Marketplace

Songfinch enables consumers to work with independent artists to turn their stories into one-of-a-kind songs. Rob Lindquist, Josh Kaplan, and John Williamson turned the bureaucracy of the music industry they knew on its head by creating a marketplace for middle-class musicians, and Scott Kitun joined them to venture-scale their business.

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A photo of Lisa App founders, Lisa Nation and her husband, Rob Richmond

LISA App: Platform for On-Site Beauty and Wellness

LISA App enables corporate and residential communities to bring beauty and wellness professionals on-site. Lisa Nation and her husband, Rob Richmond, evolved Lisa’s 20 year career as a hairstylist into a platform for artists, by artists, to deliver care in the most convenient way.

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A photo of NextStage founders Rye Jones and Josh Chua

NextStage: CRM for Government Contractors

NextStage enables small businesses to find, qualify, and win more federal contracts. Rye Jones and Josh Chua prototyped several startup concepts before landing on this one, which they see as a way to level the playing field for government contractors of all sizes and, ultimately, to improve the way tax dollars are spent.

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